Combining a record label and ministry is the heart of the vision of Matchlight Records. It's a new concept for a non-profit, and that's exactly why creating its brand was just the kind of challenge we love.
Matchlight Records is a ministry on a mission to reach the nations with the transforming message of the Gospel through worship music. They partner award-winning industry production experts with local musicians in countries across the globe to create, record, and distribute worship music where currently none exists. Along with this, they facilitate concert events, production training, media resources, and recording equipment technology - and it's all funded solely through donations.
Pretty great, right? So as we started brainstorming, we developed a list of key elements that needed to be communicated in the brand:
  • Black and white, like a traditional record label
  • An image of a match striking or lighting
  • Identifiable as both a record label and a ministry, especially with the website, where images would be key
  • Transferrable as a large image on merch or signage and also as a small image on album artwork
  • Something distinctive and easily recognizable that would work well for branded merch that artists wear on stage
These guidelines helped set the framework for brand alignment through the website, social media, and design. Now we were ready to move on to the actual creation stage.
First we chose a font that represented the look and feel we wanted for the brand. Then we added a little design element to the "M" by putting a transparent line through it. This helped change a word in a common font to a distinctive brand in one simple stroke. 
Next we focused on an iconic image that would work well with the font. Below are just a few of the ideas we considered that helped get us to our final design. You can see how the flame icon evolved, as well as the display of the word Matchlight, and eventually we came up with the image we liked on the far right.

With a logo now established, we moved on to the creation of the website. We determined the images on the website would be the best way to portray the ministry side of the label. We chose a few colors that would work well with the black and white logo and still have the appearance of a record label, and then picked images that complement these colors and communicate what the ministry side of the label represents: worship, music and recording, and lifestyle and culture in countries where the non-profit works. You can see a snapshot of the finished site here:

Once the site was ready, we developed social media images using designs from the website. This helped the finished product achieve the alignment we were going for across website, social media, and design.
We had such a great time developing this brand and we're so excited to see what is happening with Matchlight Records! To learn more, you can check out their website, iTunes, or follow their socials: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


We had a great experience working with The Fountain to develop branding for their ministry! The Fountain is made up of many incredible women from churches all over the Des Moines, Iowa area who gather to worship together each quarter. As this ministry has grown, so has the need for consistent branding and promotional materials, so we worked with the leadership team to develop a logo, social media images, and a communication guide. 
Thinking along the lines of a water fountain, we were going for something fresh and clean that could easily be recognized. We also wanted something that was feminine, yet not too girly. Because of the nature of the ministry, it also needed to be an image that could easily be transitioned for stage design (think giant backdrop or a large image being projected onto the stage). Our final design included all of these necessary elements and is functional for a wide variety of uses.
In addition to worship events, The Fountain Table and The Fountain Church Connector's Lunch are social events connected with the ministry. We created a variety of images that incorporated the logo and a similar look and feel to further strengthen the brand. As an added bonus, we built these images as templates to work in the Over app. The leadership team can then use the app to easily update promotional materials for events.
An overarching goal of The Fountain is to reach women in as many churches as possible in the Des Moines area. This challenged us to find a way to make it easy for churches to communicate information about The Fountain's gatherings. We knew if we could come up with a simple process where most of the work was already done for them, the more likely they would be to share information about upcoming events. Our solution was a Communication Guide that explains how to access images and copy and even outlines a proposed communication calendar.
This was such a fun project and we love to see the ministry of The Fountain continue to grow! You can follow along with all they're doing on their Facebook page.